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Why effective networking can scale your business.

Networking is vital to growth. 

Your network includes everyone from friends and family; colleagues, business connections, your social network, and members of groups in your community or industry. You use your contacts to find your next job, get a promotion, or grow from a mentor.

Not to be used as a selling opportunity, networking is actually about building long-term relationships. It involves meeting and getting to know people over time who you can assist, and who can potentially help you in return.

Finding your tribe.

Understanding how to use a diverse community to its full potential can be the difference between success and failure. Community is the backbone of business. Businesses thrive off communities, you just need to find yours. There’s not just referrals and profit in community but the ability to learn and gain insight to develop your products or service to best serve your tribe in the future.

From community to opportunity.

Finding opportunities is integral for a new business or progressing your career. Networking is a perfect way to find new opportunities or create them. Opportunities might present themselves in meeting someone who can help with funding or creating a joint venture with a more established business. 

However they present themselves, it’s important not to jump on every opportunity that comes your way. You might get distracted by ‘shiny object syndrome’ and lose your focus. That’s why it’s best to set out goals and focus your networking efforts to keep you on track.

As your network grows, its also important to keep track of your events and contacts so that you can make the most of each opportunity in a sustainable way for your business. 

Expansion by knowledge.

The more people you meet the more knowledgeable you will become, think of networking as a way to learn more about business and ways to grow. You might find a mentor networking – someone you can learn from and be guided by. Someone who has walked the path before you. You will be encouraged and enthused by the new people you meet which, as an entrepreneur, will help your mindset stay positive and moving forward.

Developing confidence.

Not only can you learn from people but by networking and growing your community, you will gain confidence. When you’re planning on growing, either your business or in your career, its important to be confident in your venture. The more you network, the more your confidence will grow and your ability and confidence in decision making will grow. You will find positive influences behind you and have people who inspire you as you grow too.

Don’t leave it to chance.

But nothing is worth all this effort in networking if you don’t set goals and track your progress. How many times have you been to a networking event and misplaced a business card of someone who you wanted to connect with. Do you even know what the best action to take from your networking is?

Network Like You Mean It helps you track and manage all your networking contacts so that you can help your community and tribe and they can help you too.

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