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My first few weeks of using NLYMI planner ….. And a baby

My networking planner experience!

I’ve been made to feel very special and I’ve been asked to write a blog piece from my experiences with this new planner.   I have been one of the early adopters of this planner and I’m pleased to say I have not been left disappointed. 

What made my experience unique is that getting the planner also coincided with having a baby.  

My experience with networking spans over decades and not just within the home come country of the UK.  It also spans other countries mainly across the USA, Europe and also the Middle East.  One of the things that appealed to me was that this planner gave me something which I needed, structure and clear, concise actions that came out of my meetings.  Read on to find out why.

The key to networking isn’t actually to sell.  It’s to develop long lasting relationships.  So many go to an event with the perceived idea that I must sell something to justify the investment of time and money into the event.  The sale comes further down the funnel.  Not now.  The planner sets this out from the beginning and gives you some tasks to make you think about your objectives and what you are looking to accomplish.  Without goals or a plan, you’re going to lose an awful lot of time when it comes to finding the right people and what you want to achieve with them.  The NLYMI planner helps with this beautifully. 

I love writing and I find making notes with a pen and paper (or notebook) helps with my memory retention.  The cathartic nature of writing evokes feelings and passion.  I can tell how my day or state of mind has been based on how neat my handwriting is.  

Since becoming a new dad, sleep deprivation has taken a whole new meaning for me.  Some nights are certainly better than others and on the bad nights, I feel it the next day.  Fatigue for me brings BRAINFOG.  Brain fog impeaches my concentration and can make a difference to a good meeting and a great meeting.   

The networking planner keeps my notetaking simple and focused on what my objectives are for each meeting.  It then sets our clear actions of what I need to do to move my relationship forwards  It takes the thought out of what I have to do.  Even after having thousands of meetings you still need to think about what you’re doing. Hitting the autopilot button in your meetings is not going to help you grow your relationships.  

Helping me make sense of my meeting notes

The planner also reduces my note-taking from what is typically 3-4 pages long down to 1.  Yes, 1!!! I’ve improved my efficiency no end from this simple change. The way it’s structured also ensures I can then find my notes easily and above all quickly.  Game changer right there.  Getting back to my notes is essential as I can then action items easily and efficiently.  You can probably imagine that these are essential things to a parent who is sleep-deprived and already busy.  The same goes for most modern-day professionals.  Most have busy days, not having enough time to do everything they need, have high levels of stress and 101 things to do on any given day.  You get the picture. 

The planner has made me more efficient, less stressed and above all, I feel more focused and empowered by the efficient way in which I grow my relationships. 

This planner has improved my life by helping me develop better and more meaningful relationships. 

If you sign up to get your first planner,  you will not be disappointed. 

Martin Wroe 


Gambit international.  

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